Quality Discount Press Parts & Equipment, Inc. continues to establish itself as the first full service parts supplier for pre-press accessories, press, & post printing press accessories, custom manufacturing, & an assortment of new printing related equipment in one phone call. Due to increased customer demand over the last nine / ten years, the company created a separate company (Quality Discount Equipment. LLC) that specifically deals with business brokering (buying & selling) & seasoned / pre-owned / used equipment (broker, buyer & seller). The Seventeen-year-old company attributes their growth to their excellent customer service (Team Quality), quality in their products, great delivery & extremely competitive pricing. QDPP & E continues to expand their product line based on input from their customers through out the world. The company publishes a comprehensive newsletters & a new unique designed interactive web page containing up to date products, services, and more. Contact them at 800-646-2212 or 609-646-2212, fax 609-646-2255, web page or email


Quality Discount Press Parts & Equipment, Inc. & Quality Discount Equipment, LLC, serves the label, tag & narrow web, wide web, offset / sheetfed printing / converters in North, Central & South America, Canada, and foreign countries. The companies looks forward to the opportunity to meet new customers & serve their business needs.


Quality Discount continues to work, develop and bring to market new products that enhance the effectiveness, efficiency & productivity of label & tag printers. Their goal is to bring these products to our customers in the most cost-effective & efficient way possible.


Quality Discount Press Parts & Equipment, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of their facility to 34,000 sq. ft. in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey to better handle their growing customers with Used Equipment Storage, expanded product lines & larger inventories & the increased capacity to complete rebuilds, re-painting & manufacturing of roll handling carts, anilox carts, custom products & many other new products.


In addition to the products on our website and in our newsletter, QDPP supplies new 7” & 10” rewind tables, ultrasonic anilox cleaning systems, Stork Anilox Rolls, Praxair laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls, Supercell products to include Corecutters, Video Platemounting Equipment, Portable 12 & 24 Roll Anilox Handling Racks, Roll handling carts with ejector boom or roll plateform, Fan folders, manual & semi-automatic corecutters, plate mounters, UV Systems & UV Bulbs, Anilox & plate cleaning brushes, tint sleeves, Dr. blades, Dr Blade Assemblies - both regular & enclosed, die cavity foams, plate mounting tapes, idler coverings, new rubber rollers, splicing tapes, fiber & nylon washers, circular & horizontal slitting & perf blades, material handling equipment, Add-on printing stations & many other parts, accessories & new equipment. The company repairs strobe lamps & many other types of printing equipment.


In addition to supplying new parts & accessories, the company rebuilds / repairs / reconditions / repaints printing presses in their facility and in customer’s plants. The company also manufactures custom projects & has engineering capabilities. Watch this company as they have some new exciting printing related projects planned for 2010 to assist printing companies in efficiency & productivity while saving them time & money. "If Your Company is Not Buying from Quality Discount Press Parts, You're Paying too Much!"